Since 2011, Focused Outreach Richmond (FOR) has devoted its energy to passionately assisting those with significant barriers. These barriers may include homelessness, incarceration, substance abuse and/or addiction, domestic violence and psychopathology. 

Melissa Canaday, M.Ed., LPC


Focused Outreach Richmond is wholeheartedly committed to assisting those with significant barriers in their journey from crises to stability to economic mobility. By utilizing evidenced-based practices such as outreach, education, training, research, planning, mental health and substance abuse treatment, career counseling, case management, employment services and small business development, FOR helps people help themselves.   

Focused Advocacy

Marcellia Faltz


Senior Veteran Case Manager and Team Lead

At FOR we are journey mates of those in crisis, providing tools and knowledge to ease the transition to a self-determined, successful life. Participants are experts on themselves. We're here to coordinate and facilitate, to help apply that expertise in new and productive ways.

We know that ample power lies within, but finding it can be a challenge. That challenge doesn’t have to be faced alone. 



Focused Outreach Richmond welcomes individuals with special skills to aid in our mission. For more information on our current needs please "Contact Us" with a click below.

FOR participated in South by Southwest's Social Impact sessions. The panel, "Can Data Management End Veteran Homelessness? Ask Virginia," organized by the Pew Charitable Trusts, provided a large platform to promote effective strategies for veteran stability in Virginia and beyond.

Focused Outreach Richmond

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Focused Outreach Richmond assisted me in moving my life forward after 32 years of incarceration. They helped me navigate a new world of technology, public agencies, social connections. They helped me get connected with the Veterans Administration. All of the staff clearly care and it shows through patience, dedication and always being available to listen. I really feel that if I had not come to Focused Outreach Richmond, I would be back in prison. Today, I am happier, hopeful and looking forward.  — Johnny

Our Mission

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Utilizing a client-focused approach FOR facilitates progress for veterans in crisis.

We're here for you, listen to you, work with you.

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HOPE IN ACTION: Find your inner power

Jeff Fricker,


Veteran Case Manager